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We Go Above and Beyond

Premier Access to Events

Gain access to exclusive events and workshops to spread awareness.

Uncovering Inclusive Opportunities

Broadcasting and promoting workforce openings and trainings.

Grassroots Investment Access

From seed-to-sale, learn about an assortment of investment opportunities to get in at the ground level.

Access to current Scholarships

Gain awareness about current and upcoming scholarship opportunities.

Current & Urgent Updates

Don't miss a beat with updates on the latest advancements in the industry.

Merchant Discounts

IMGA is full of talent and we want to incentivize our members to work in-house.

Our members are dedicated individuals willing to volunteer their craft, time, or resources to the capture a stake in a multi-billion dollar industry for others and themselves. Our goal as a team is to collaborate cross-functional talent and resources to build an inclusive eco-system.

Student Membership
Genreal Membership

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