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Dominique Harvey

Innovation at the world's largest companies including Cisco systems, 3M, and Groupon. Starting his career with Chicago based company Groupon, he later went on to 3M, and finally the multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco systems. Dominique has 7 years of experience as a leader in sales and marketing, and  IT based solutions with a focus on industrial automation and enablement. For the last 4 years with Cisco, he has been immersed in advanced security, collaborative, and IoT use cases and large-scale projects. This is in addition to helping clients connect to remote locations to enable multi-site monitoring and control, providing key fabrication products and connecting networks to streamline complex production processes.


Dominique also works closely within the Bronzeville/Hyde Park communities on the South Side of Chicago through the Boxville Incubator. Boxville started as 4 shipping containers that were converted into micro-business spaces and used by 15 local businesses and vendors recruited to participate in the initiative. His efforts with the Boxville Incubator proved successful as it quickly became a thriving weekly market, doubling its footprint again in 2018 with the addition of Neighborhood Square, which provides space for the community to gather as well as a venue for cultural celebrations and programming. Since then, the development has continued to grow. Today Boxville is a year-round operation with now 17 shipping containers and the capacity to host up to 20 enterprises on site. Dominique is also one of the owners of the “Makers Box” at Boxville, which specializes in custom apparel creation via DTG, vinyl, screen print, etc. He also lends his time to assist with an entrepreneurial program called “Mondays Don’t Suck”. This program focuses on instilling, to program participants, the importance of going through the building process properly when creating, planning, and executing unique entrepreneurial ideas.


More personally, Dominique is a brother to four siblings, the proud son of a Chicago Fireman and CPS teacher, and student athlete alum.  He is a deeply motivated individual focused on the betterment of his community and others like it. His background in athletics made him a true believer that by putting in hard work, one can definitely reap plentiful results in all aspects of life (whether that manifests in your career, family, or loving friendships). Dominique hopes to apply those same values to make strides in this new market by serving the minority community and cultivating the next generation of leaders. 


IMGA is the platform in which Dominique and his team are attempting to merge the world of plant and food cultivation with the latest technological designs that use data to drive cultural awareness and a shift in business and entrepreneurial options for minority growers. With so many changes in regulation and policy IMGA is focused on forging a new path for the era of next-generation farming. We strive to bring together community, education, and employment as a viable path for minorities who have been disproportionately impacted by past and current barriers to market entry and certification.

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